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Life’s sakes it’s been a long time.

So as the story left of, big shit was happening, however none of more important than what we were all were waiting for: The return of Homosuck!
A new design adopted by the Lord of Time brings…. Let’s be honest, no way to sugarcoat it, little green fucker needs a bonk. And almost as if he were psychic, Blue Breeze arrives to bonk him. But the Lord of Time, fears no man… Ok maybe one. But he ain’t here

What is up with “thy,” “thou,” “thee,” and “thine”?








THIS is how you do grammar-nerdery, instead of policing people’s grammatical errors


19,999 crimes solved


19,999 crimes solved

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How come every other organ in your body can get sick and you get sympathy, except your brain?

Ruby Wax 

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A very good way of going about explaining this issue. It’s good to see something positive come from Tumblr.


And the reblog button was hit so quickly that it actually was reblogged BEFORE it was clicked

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I just like being girly. But what I like more, is having people noticing without minding. Just the fact that they’re aware of what I am and want to be without seeing anything but god old little me makes me happy, and most importantly, comfortable.

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So I don’t know if any of you have done the Battle Maison but I encountered a Beauty in the Multi Battles. She starts off the battle by saying “I’ve finally been reborn as a Beauty!” When you beat her, her loss quote is, “Can you believe it? Just this time last year, I was a Black Belt!”

Black Belts are male trainers.

Pokemon actually has a trans trainer in their lineup. ^^

—My friend on Pokemon XY (via newguwui)


Somewhen, someone broke something somewhere.

It could have happened in any way imaginable. More than likely it was a family member. It could have been over a period of years, months, decades, even. But the important part was the breaking, because that’s what’s forming Tumblr as a stereotype.









26 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them


This needs more notes.

no one seems to care if they are guys 

reminder that rape and sexual abuse happens to everyone, not just girls

reminder that rape and sexual abuse needs to be acknowledged no matter a person’s gender and “no one seems to care if they are guys” is a typical antifeminist theory that is disproven by the fact that this photo set has 100,000+ notes alone

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This is really important. So much respect to these guys.

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As of late I’ve been working on building a homebrew DnD campaign with my friends, in between being generally buggered over by the cold hands of Dominos, and it’s been a bit of a bitch. We’ve basically been building things from the world up and we’ve been using a bunch of books and other sources, and the big thing is that we’ve literally had HUNDREDS of fucking character ideas. I, personally, have built up about 5 characters, mostly on my own.

First, is Sprada, the Shardmind Bard, dubbed the Spectral Litany. Next, Cinder, a flame-fencing Tiefling Warden, dubbed the Elegant Inferno. Next up is Jix, one of my odder ideas, a Hybrid Psion/Rogue, to be honest I think the ideas was more narratively practical than mechanically. I’m still working on a Svirfneblin(Deep Gnome) Ironwrought Monk,he’s gonna be a fun one. and Finally, last and also likely least, Munchbulg “Munch” Galib, an ex-civilian Bullywug Artificer. Fancy Name ideas for the last three fully warranted

And our entire team is just diverse as hell: Warwick, a Human Invoker, Endoril an ultrabuff Shifter Shaman(who knits), A dwarven Paladin/Runepriest, A Dwarven Ranger/warlord, a Hengeyokai Ranger,and a Dragonborn Fighter(and part time pole dancer).

there’s a lot more cool stuff but I’ve type up enough for now